Monday, November 26, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 26 November 2012

Even though it is hard
[harder than I would have imagined]
And I would like the chance to fiddle it different
When I can accept what has happened
Only that one thing
Makes everything a little sweeter.

I’m guessing if I could BE in a peace summit with anyone from my “failed” past relationships, nothing would BE able to change BEyond Acceptance. Mine. Whatever they might think [or NOT think] is irrelevant. All of that is just the story in my head anyway…

Still, I spend an immense amount of creative energy thinking how things could have been different. Sometimes “if only I…” or “if that had been instead of what was…” And other times with a certainty that startles me with how seriously it takes itself. [how seriously I take MYself…]

The Gratitude in this whole mess is that I can SEE it Now. Without ridicule. Or rancor. Even without shame. What a gift it is to BE clearer than I was. Even a moment ago.

Little things seem to BE floating up into view for me, catching me, sometimes, totally by surprise. Moving me ever so gently BEyond wishing. Settling me, comfortably, in a delicious chair where Acceptance wraps itself round me like a hug.

Whenever I feel that old pull Now… I reach for Acceptance.

I love you, Currie


Anonymous said...

I just had this conversation with my best friend last night...I am ten years older than her and I was trying to help her understand and accept that you can never influence/change what people think of you/your behavior/ are so correct...they are just stories in your head. Loving what you write....loving growing older and wiser.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Collage work I have found can bring about so much healing and bring one to 'acceptance' ~