Thursday, November 29, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 29 November 2012

Everything I DO
Every success and failure
I learn
And usually it’s wonderFULL

I’m NOT at all sure how this might play for anyone else, I am only certain of how it plays for me. Learning is The Point of Everything.

It’s NOT to learn thus BEcome smarter. Nor is it to learn so I can get the upper hand. It is just learning for learning’s sake. I have always loved it and I likely will pursue it until that time when I am no more.

My teaching days reveal this in an unusual way. I go in, prepared, knowing what I am wanting to get across so that I can stay awake and aware of the learning. And this never disappoints. What I learned, yesterday for example, puts things into a whole new perspective.

That is what I love so about learning. The constant shift and unfolding. I am never EVER “done” and I have no desire to EVER BE “perfect.” I live always in a learning mode, I practise and practise and practise yet some more.

The kids yesterday taught me what I love about teaching and they also let me glimpse what I don’t so much. I would have preferred the former and none of the latter, yet the thing about learning is…

I love you, Currie

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Molly said...

i find curiosity and the desire to always continue learning one of the qualities that i am most drawn to in others. i think i would feel like i wasn't really living if i stopped learning.

your collages always so chock full of interesting ideas.