Thursday, November 15, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 15 November 2012

Hard words to say:
I think it was my mistake
Yet necessary
NOT only BEcause they are brave
BEcause they are true.

Gratitude Practise doesn’t fit onto a piece of paper or computer screen. Isn’t a favourite t-shirt. I can’t wear it or demonstrate it, no matter the ways I put mine out here every day.

My own peculious little Gratitude Practise isn’t a thing I DO that makes me more of an expert in finding things and moments and opportunities for BEing grateful. It’s just my way. That’s all.

My way through Life. And through Life’s little detours, backroads, and pitfalls. Just my way of navigating this wondrous Adventure a little bit more awakened.

Yesterday was a teaching morning and again a challenge, working with new people whose agenda is so different from my own, from what this program was. BEfore. And yet…

As I’m the one who understands the timeframes, I could have handled yesterday’s plan differently. Better. Even more thoughtful of the others.

But I didn’t. NOT purposely, I just didn’t think so well on my feet. In that moment. Aware of the Big[ger] Picture and The Others.

I am grateful I woke up with this awareness. That I could see it, see My Part so clearly. And say:

I think it was my mistake…

I love you, Currie

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Rachél Payne - Creativity Tribe said...

Currie, what a BEautiful sanctuary of thought you have here. I would like to offer a perspective on your mistake, if I may. Perhaps no one was mistaken and everyone, including you, was BEing whole-y human, full of the wonder of blunder. That IS how we roll after-all. We go in and do what feels right in the moment only to look back and understand that that moment was missing some information. Then we come to a new understanding. I know you know this, but wanted to offer it as a frame for yesterday and see if it might fit for you today. I am glad to have found you through AEDM. With Gratitude, Rachél