Monday, November 12, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 12 November 2012

enJOY the way the clouds dance in the sky
or the rain as it blows sideways
enJOY the questions even without answers
and the deLIGHT of discovering
what if.

Life is, well, it’s confusing. We come into it with all we require to LIVE in it, yet much of what we have we don’t use, don’t know HOW TO use, and miss the cues about WHEN to use it.

That’s confusing.

So it seems the trick is in the approach. MY approach. YOURS. Even both of us together.

What I am choosing, at least at this Time in MY Life is to enJOY EVERYthing. [and BElieve me, it’s really stretching me a LOT of the time]

I am enJOYing the way I get myself tangled up in thoughtsandfeelings that seem only to BE festering.

I am enJOYing the extraordinary deLIGHT of quiet and peace and the pleasure of just my own company most of the time. Right Now.

I am enJOYing the challenges that come with a wheel-free [or is it wheel-less?!] Life.

I am enJOYing the ease of eating and drinking only what is truly nourishing and good for ME.

I am enJOYing the way I approach things. Especially how my approach can BE convoluted. And then, suddenly, in a blink, I see!!!

I am enJOYingEVERYthing!!!

I love you, Currie

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