Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 30 June 2013

If only I’d learned to love this idea BEfore I was old enough to NEED a nap again… lions and tigers and bears OH MY!!!

Yet the important piece/peace is I get it. Now. I embrace it. Now. And I DO it. NOW!!!

I’ve learned, too, that a nap is NOT always or even usually about going to bed and to sleep for awhile during the awake time of my day. Who knew?! Did YOU?! I surely wish, if you DID, that you’d told me…

A nap is a wee time out in the midst of living a day. It might include sleeping. Or lying down. Or bed. Yet really it is more a state of mind and BEing that pauses. Stops. Turns off. Unplugs. RESTS. Until energy and motivation and inspiration are back running at peak capacity.

When Timmy was little and still took naps, sometimes a couple of them, I used those times to rush about and DO and very rarely had the wisdom to rest. To pause. To refresh my own batteries. I remember vaguely thinking it would BE a good time for me to take advantage of yet I took the wrong sort of advantage.

Nowadays a nap can BE just sitting and looking out the window awhile.

Or simply and quietly pausing.


I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I've never been a napper. The only time I have had naps was when I was having trouble sleeping and couldn't keep my eyes open or I was sick. Now, Karma on the other hand... ;)