Thursday, June 27, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 27 June 2013

It has taken me several chaotic years to see how much I rushed to keep myself “crazy busy” with the most insignificant things just to feel there was some purpose for my continued existence. It’s both sad and embarrassing.

At the BEginning of my new Life with just Gracie and me, I clung to the many things I felt I MUST DO NOW in order NOT to feel my feelings of uselessness. I made myself a bit of a martyr [talk about embarrassing admissions…] and took to the role with flourish.

Oh my…

Now, on the other hand, I deLIGHT in the quiet and simple way I’ve built this new Life, MY Life. I love my pre-dawn time here, with YOU, writing, digital fiddling, and reaching BEyond the Wee Cottage, Gracie, and me.

[I even love it when it starts at the wholly unlovable hour of 2-something, like today. I just read awhile until I am ready to get up and BEgin.]

I had a wonderful confluence yesterday where I was winding down and received one phone call from my mum and while we were talking, another from my son. It was a gentle easing into my evening. No fuss. No have-to. No martyr nonsense.

I realise that rushing around is a choice I made make no more. 

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

LOL! I was forced to stop rushing around. And it annoyed me at first...but it has taught me sooo much!! :):)