Thursday, June 20, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 20 June 2013

I really love the wisdom of this. I didn’t, for a Very Long Time, mind you, but Here, Now, Today, I am its greatest fan.

DOing something badly, or VERY badly, is one of those things I learned to avoid at all costs. And, if [okay, WHEN] I did DO something badly, I also was quick to deny it, defend myself, blame others or circumstances, shift responsibility, or simply roll my eyes in disgust at anyone who dared bring it to my attention.

Now though, all that has changed. For the better if you ask me.

I embrace the opportunities I have to stumble, fall short, look silly, and BE laughed at. NOT that I like the way some DO their laughing at me, but I’m even growing a little tougher skin there, too.

I see it most of all with making art. And just this week with my determination to get My 60th Year put together in a book. I am in way over my head trying to navigate it, but I am willing to DO it Very Badly and that is making all of the difference.

There are some things I have done badly lately that have stung, too. Handling my birthday misadventures. Letting myself get agitated by other people’s BEhaviours.

Still, I know I’m responsible. 

I love you, Currie


Cynthia Powell said...

Happy Birthday Currie! From your writing I believe you either just had a birthday are will have one very soon, so again: Happy 60th! Cindy

Rita said...

Happy beginning of your 61st year!
How true that we avoid doing things we believe we will do badly. Good advice! After all, at one time none of us even knew how to sit up! ;)