Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 25 June 2013

This appears to BE a sort of rite of passage from BEing a Me-Me-Me toddlerish bean to more of a tiny person bean, but it took me a whole lot longer in Life to BE comfortable [NOT to mention willing] enough to let anyone else go BEfore me [Me-Me-Me].

And I am NOT afraid to let it BE known I STILL struggle with this one. NOT so much daily as at those times I least suspect it.

Letting others go first, like BEing a better listener, talking less, and BEing Kind, BEing Kind, BEing Kind is unnatural for me. I’m inclined toward the path of default, least resistance, even what is merely comfortable. [this is NOT a proud declaration, by the way…]

BEcause of my inclination I can BE the “elephant in the room” that never comes into the conversation about WHY things are going [or NOT going] the way they are going [or NOT] in any particular time or situation.

In fact this little whatever-you-call-it showed itself to me yesterday in a sort of unusual flash of decision on my part. Rather than make a choice of ease and quick resolution, I chose to delay by making an appointment.

It’s good to stretch and take this sort of risk to grow by NOT putting myself first.


I love you, Currie

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