Thursday, June 13, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 13 June 2013

While it might seem the obvious choice, I’ve NOT always been so keen to make peace as to stir the pot. 

To accept rather than judge. 

To surrender rather than keep fighting to BE right.

But I’m getting there. 

Now I look for ways to make peace. 

And I’m NOT referring here to “war” peace, although…

A good example off the top of my birdbrain is Gracie. BEcause I so often DO share food with her, for instance our afternoon “cocktail” or “tea” time with apples and carrots or bits of banana or mango when making a smoothie, I’ve noticed her BEcoming a bit of a beggar at other times when I am preparing food.

My response has sometimes been a wee bit harsher than I’m comfortable admitting, but there it is anyway. Think what you will.

Of course I have created this situation…

However, when instead of BEing annoyed and outspoken about my annoyance I say NOTHING, I have noted with some deLIGHT that she stops herself. 

She moves into her corner or goes into the bedroom, and there’s no more begging.

For so long I felt entitled to my raised voice and meaner face, but no more. 

I realise that I, too, can self-correct. 

I CAN, in fact, BE a peace maker.

Which I much prefer. 

I love you, Currie

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Andrea said...

So glad to find my way back to you and your wonderful thought processes. It may take me awhile to catch up on reading your posts, but I will do it because I have no doubt that it will be well worth my while. Glad to find you alive and well. I didn't realize that when PAF went on hiatus we would lose contact, but I found myself busier than ever, maybe trying to do things I had set aside when I was so busy making new pictures for each Friday's post. But it is back and I am glad for that ... and maybe since she is making it monthy I will be able to keep up with other things and still be creative. Unlike you I can't devote every day to my thoughts or friends, but I love you all no less even in my absence. Good to have you back, Currie ...

Andrea @ From the Sol