Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 12 June 2013

Here’s a thought that took me a Very Too Long Time even to consider. 

I expected [I suppose] that Life’s Lessons would come labelled and colour-coded. Like the answers in the back of a workbook.

But alas, Life is far more contrary, [or mayBE it’s just BEing sensible] so I have learned to dig deep and keep at it, knowing that sometimes I won’t have the exact “lesson” in so many words, but I WILL learn from it.

And that is enough. At least it’s BEcoming enough for me.

A recent experience showed me how important it is to dig deep and keep digging, even if I’d ultimately just replace the dirt I’d dug up. 

Part of me wanted to just wing it, act in the moment from my emotions that were swirling. DO something, even if it was wrong.

When I put the brakes on that method, I felt like I was idling so high I’d overheat. 

That was NOT comfortable in the least. It even made me a little prickly.

Finally, something a little like but NOT exactly prayer or meditation got me to ease off the accelerator and wait patiently. [sometimes digging means BEing still and DOing nothing more than BEing]

What came up was so simple. Clear. Unmistakable.

A BEautimous lesson. Just for me.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I agree. Digging for the lessons takes time and quiet and a lot of contemplation sometimes--most of the time, for me. There are the rare flashes of bright insight, true--but most of the lessons seem to take deep thought and looking hard in the mirror to see the warts and blackness as well as the light and twinkling eyes. ;)