Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 18 June 2013

What a way to say what I mean, eh?! I’m all for opening up my mind. I’m 100% BEhind keeping an open heart, but how does an open brain figure in all this I wonder?!

Well, here’s a little something nobody really knows about me: I am fascinated by the brain. That is the truth. It is quite an amazing thing once “open” and understood.

Our brains are quite remarkable in all their myriad functions and capabilities.

And just as easily as we can learn to identify the various parts of our brains, we can BEcome confounded and perplexed by the intricacy and scope of HOW the parts DO what they DO.

[and don’t DO what they don’t DO depending upon what happens to us or them in the course of living]

When I say Open Up Your Brain I mean just that. [and so much more]

Open it up to discover its reach.

Open it up to find out why you always go from one place to that other place when so inspired.

Sometimes, when I am quiet and calm, I sense that I can BE outside of myself, and my brain, and see myself with far more clarity and objectivity.

I can point to where I adopted a BElief and recognise my wrong-thinking’s roots and nourishment…

I love you, Currie


Andrea said...

I agree Currie ... the human brain is a wonderous organ that evolved over time for the strangest of reasons. And now here we are with all of this power inside our little skulls and no idea how to harness it. Each of us barely scratches the surface of our capabilities because we never learned how to "open our brain" as you put it. If you watch the science channel you will be astonished by what we seem to know about everything ... then you look on our streets where there are homeless, mentally ill people struggling in a most rudimentary way to survive. What is the scope? They are saying that man's brain combined with the digital brain (computers) will exceed our greatest expectations, our most wonderous imaginations. But, we, you and I, we have all this power and no way to tap in. That is the struggle ... and the goal is to accept what we are, seek to be more and gain some satisfaction from the journey. See what I mean, Currie ... you make my brain stretch itself. Thank you once again ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Rita said...

I always think about whoever said we only use a tenth of our brain. What's going on with the rest of it? What could we do with it? I love watching the shows on PBS like Nova and Nova Science Now--amazing stuff! :)