Saturday, June 22, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 22 June 2013

This would appear to BE simple. Well, at least for a jabberer like me. So for a change, let me lean into it and try.

I’ve been puzzled about having enough money to stay on in the Wee Cottage. My rent here eats up most of my Social Security Disability.

I’ve been willing to move. I AM willing to move. But what I really want is to stay. I am happy here, living my simple, quiet, little Life with Gracie.

I’ve learned to make DO and live within my means. I made the money from selling GraceLand LAST April [2012] last me over a year.

I’ve enJOYed the challenge of having Just Enough; of making it through each month without fear and angst. I’ve Let Go of my regrets about how careless I was for so long in Life. I can only move forward so the staring into the Past is simply a time-waster.

I’ve enJOYed my “losses” in this process. The 35+ pounds, the things I just don’t eat anymore, the money I don’t spend “just BEcause I CAN,” and the things I don’t DO which have left me with time to create and discover parts of me I never knew existed.

I’d like this to continue AND need a wee bit more $ to DO so… 

I love you, Currie


Anonymous said...

Currie, I can so relate to dollar signs, BEing content and living peaceable in a simplified lifestyle. Yes, we can! (:

Rita said...

So do you still have to move?
I know all about prioritizing what little money you have. You really do appreciate things more when they are harder to attain, I think. But there are emergencies that come up where it can be very stressful, too.