Friday, June 28, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 28 June 2013

Sometimes it’s the simplest direction that eludes me. That is where this one has ALWAYS come in and served me so remarkably well.

I used to want to write. I used to want to learn how to edit photos and how to make digital art. I say “used to” BEcause Now I no longer want to DO or learn or BE. I DO write. I DO edit photos. I AM making digital art. Every. Single. Morning.

Right Here. FOR sharing with YOU.

What changed is I BEgan just DOing these things. Daily. In the same way and at the same time. And Now I have BEcome someone I feel fits inside of my skin. Someone who DOES the things that make her happy, purposeful, and free of the I WANT I WANT I WANTs.

I recently completed a book of my Gratitude from my 60th year. From when I BEgan to post this email into a blog.

I wanted to write a book, but assumed I had to have a story to tell or something to write about and that the process would require something that looks far more like w-o-r-k than this simple JOYous way I BEgin my days.

Ahhhhhhh… The sweetness of BEing wrong. Turns out I did it by simply DOing the next thing.


I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I suppose one has to know (or guess at) what the next thing should be. ;) But better to do something than nothing at all, I suppose. Well, nothing at all has its own rewards, too--LOL! ;)