Monday, June 3, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 3 June 2013

I’ve never forgotten this early “goal/lesson” from Kindergarten report cards. 

Plays well with others?! 

DO I need improvement in this?! 

Is it possible I play BETTER with others when I’ve ample time by myself?!

At this point in my Life I have learned myself much better. 

I have discovered my love of Solitude. 

Seen myself flourish BEyond anything I’ve ever managed whilst spending copious amounts of time in my own company.

I’m NOT saying I don’t play well with others generally, just that in order to really DO this I require time with just myself. 

Quiet time. Unordered time. Time that I choose to fill my own way.

It is clear that playing well with others is a positive. A desired thing.

And when I DO have that chance I LOVE IT BEyond words.

And yet my time is spent largely with myself.

This has helped me learn to BE my own cherished friend. 

Someone I make and take and find the time for and enJOY the time with.

Someone I play “nicely” with, share my toys and cookies with easily…

At the same time [though it’s NOT the same same time] I strive to BE as kind with friends, neighbours, and all whom I meet when I am out there having my tiny adventures close to home. 

I love you, Currie


Tracy said...

Love, love, love the background on this! And as an introvert I can completely go with the needing time to oneself - I can't function without it :)

Linda said...

oooh this is so yummy with the rich colors and textures and marks-love it!!! Really lovely post too. here from CED

cjsrq said...

Exactly my thoughts. Thanks for stating them so beautifully.

Rita said...

I always needed my alone time. I always got kind of scattery and cranky eventually without it. :)