Friday, June 14, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 14 June 2013

Even I find this a bit of an odd duck. Still, I know its wisdom is sound.

I rarely think of how little I pause these days, given instant connection that technology and even my own compliance with its various processes makes possible. 

Still, I sometimes postpone even ordinary and really a no-big-deal responses.

I used to know why I did this. 

Sometimes, frankly, I enJOYed the savouring of the words, whether email or voicemail. 

Connection via technology is a Very Different Bird than in-person connection.

And I also did this BEcause of less attractive reasons. 

Perhaps for a feeling of control where I felt out of control. 

Just saying…

What I am discovering is that responding Now, straightaway, leaves me feeling “righter” within myself. Like BEing in tune.

My savouring could make someone else feel insignificant.

And then there are times when I anxiously wait to hear back from someone…

So Now I’m focused on DOing NOT delaying. [though sometimes I delay when I sense Time helps me to “get it righter” within]

Responding, paying attention, engaging, all these things make both my Life and my myriad connections into amazing living breathing realationships. 

So, just as when you and I are together, I’ll respond to your questions and say what I am thinkingandfeeling Right in the moment.

I love you, Currie  


Leovi said...

Excellent composition! Beautiful!

Rita said...

I've always been pretty immediate and direct and I can get quite annoyed when I get behind online for days because of health issues or being busy with other things. So, I need to do the opposite--relax about it. After all, I am understanding about other people having busy lives or health issues and it's okay if I don't respond to every single post--even if I would prefer it. I have to not be so hard on myself, I guess.