Monday, July 1, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 1 July 2013

Lots of books have been written, courses taught, and systems developed with Time Management at their core. 

People talk often about Time flying, and one thing that makes me shudder whenever I hear it is someone saying that they were/are “killing” Time.

Still, the thing that amazes me the very most is that Time is indeed really truly something we can MAKE.

I used to love to sleep in, and I always felt like poo when I was up BEfore the sun. I could NOT imagine going to bed BEfore 10 o’clock. 

I had a friend in Sedona who went to bed at 8 and woke up at 4 and I thought she was a little bit odd, yet when I reflect, she always seemed to live on an even keel.

I think what I have wanted with all of me more than anything else is to live on such an even keel. 

Who’d’ve thunk it possible just by FINDing I could Make Time?! 

Rearrange it. 

Let it DO for me what I was apparently incapable of DOing myself.

The things I DO with my days Now boggle my brain. 

By the time I am out the door with Gracie in the morning, I have already accomplished more than I used to manage in, well, in a week!!!

I love you, Currie


Zena said...

Oh... I´ve been thinking about this lately. I used to be a night owl, I was disorganized and and used to say that days were flying away, I wanted to stretch time and often mistook my priorities. But this year I am changing my routines, in particular, my rest routines, it´s amazing how something so simple like going to bed earlier, wake up earlier and follow a simple schedule can make such a big differenceschedule can make such a big difference

Rita said...

I was never even on regular hours until a little over a year ago. I am amazed how different the world seems on day hours--LOL! ;)