Sunday, July 28, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 28 July 2013

This is surely an idea I’ve latched onto in Life. I have been [and continue to BE] a wanderer. I’ve roamed the many places where I have lived and I always love to take long exploratory rambles wherever I visit. In fact, whenever I remember places I’ve been for short times, what I often recall is where I walked there. And oh the adventures I had whilst DOing so.

I also have a tendency to wander in my World of thoughts. I can take a tiny ponder that appears in my birdbrain and stretch and twist and wind and unravel it. This deLIGHTs me. Makes me happier than many things I’d long thought essential in Life.

As I have explored this morning time of writing and practising Gratitude, I’ve find that oftentimes I don’t BEgin with I am grateful… perhaps BEcause I’ve come to appreciate and marvel at my ordinary everyday Life in advance, so that wherever my thoughts might go, they are empowered by Gratitude from the gate.

BEginning from such a place is a wondrous gift. Much like the endowment of walking with a keen sense of discovery. It makes me certain that wherever my thoughts go they will find the Gratitude that seems to breathe in me.

Wandering far does NOT necessarily mean far away… 

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

I've done more wandering in my mind than on land--LOL! Only lived in my home state of Minnesota, Wisconsin for seven years, and now North Dakota for the past eight years. But I have moved around a lot in MN and WI after I left home. ;)