Sunday, July 14, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 14 July 2013

There was a Very Too Long stretch of time in my Life when laughing was about the rarest thing I did. The only thing rarer than laughter was crying. I suppose just stating this is sufficient. I KNOW it is…

Now, on the other hand [and both feet], I laugh regularly and often and with deLIGHT and great JOY. I have learned that neither laughter nor tears are in any way what I mistakenly thought them to BE back when I thought them to BE something other than what I DO Now.

The thing is, laughter was something I’d tied in to sarcasm and disdain. BEing laughed at OR laughing at. So, too, with tears and crying. These were things that called up BElittling retorts and brought shame and embarrassment front and center.

Laughing often is good for me. I imagine it is for most other beans, too. When I laugh it seems to loosen up my bones and I’m much clearer a channel for feeling good things like Hope and Wonder and even, well, Love.

Laughing often makes me kinder. Gentler. More forgiving. There is a freedom that comes wrapped inside of laughter that I have found nowhere else ever. And that is wondrous. And it has BEcome an essential.

So with reason or none. Laugh Often!! 

I love you, Currie


Zena said...

So true! Laugh is such a wonderful tool to deal with life. When I laugh I feel lighter and much connected to my own existence

Rita said...

Absolutely! Without laughter I wouldn't have made it this far! :)

Rita said...
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