Monday, July 8, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 8 July 2013

Oftentimes I hear the phrase, I learned it the hard way, and it almost always gives me pause. Yet BEcause I know how I operate, I won’t necessarily think that whoever is saying this is NOT correct. Sometimes I learn something ONLY BY going the longest way round, over, and through, beating up on myself mercilessly all the way.

I try hard to learn with JOY. Always. To embrace my NOT knowing and my bountiful ignorance without judging myself unfairly. [I canNOT say this works, but it is what I intend…]

Recently I came to learn about something I knew zero, zip, zilch about. It was something I might have heard of somewhere along the line, but I wasn’t interested in knowing more about it BEcause, well, BEcause I thought of it ignorantly. I equated my lack of awareness with it BEing BEneath me rather than what it actually is.

As I came to understand it more I BEgan to battle back at my prior attitudes. I suppose you could say I was punishing myself for having them. It was NOT pretty and it is even less so as I Now come back to level ground and pursue its benefits and possibilities for me.

Rather than learning JOYously I’ve BElittled myself. NOT the way I want to play.

I love you, Currie


Andrea said...

My God, Women, is there no end to your insight? I can't imagine exploring "self" and not having to skew it so I could live with it. You are brutal, but oh so honest. You should print these posts as memoirs ... they would fly off the shelves.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Rita said...

I have learned both ways--LOL! Joyously is much better. ;)