Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 16 July 2013

Sometimes, for no reason at all, lighting candles, even one candle, can change EVERYthing. Ever noticed that?! Something about candles brings Life front and center in the tenderest of ways.

There’s a saying, a quote, about cursing the darkness or lighting a candle. It’s sort of the same idea as Gratitude. Once focused on darkness and wrongness and meanness, it is hard to see anything other than those things. On the other hand, practising Gratitude, BEing deliberate about looking for the things that bring lightness and rightness and kindness is all about the candle’s light.

I find it wondrous and even a little whimsical to sit in the dark by the tiniest light of a candle. It brings me perspective and reminds me, too, that some of my happiest times were spent lit by nothing more or less than sunshine, candles, campfires, and flashlights. I realise that all the rest I’ve grown so accustomed to is unnecessary.

When I wake and BEgin my days, long BEfore the sun is even thinking about rising, I am reminded a little bit of how simple my happiness is Now, again, ensconced as I am in electricity and the light it affords.

When I light a candle, for real or just in my mind, I am warmed by its flickering.

That’s enough…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Oh, I LOVE candles! I tend to light them a lot more in the winter--just because the night is longer and they look so beautiful flickering in the darkness. :)