Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 10 July 2013

Yet another prompt I’ve visited on many occasions, I have come to a deeper appreciation of Step Up. It didn’t always mean the same to me. In fact, I always pretty much thought it was more about arrogance than compassion, kindness, or integrity.

To me, Step Up means BEing Present. Taking the time. Even MAKING the time when that is called for. It means that even when I am tempted to hide and glide under the radar, I show up, I DO what is the thing I think is the next Right Thing. Even if I DO it badly. And even when DOing it is the last thing I feel like DOing.

It also means sitting still, funny as that may seem. At least to me. I have developed a habit of reacting and I know that when I am DOing so or well on my way, oftentimes the best way to handle myself is to BE still, sit quietly, and simply let the feelings, however strong they are, play through.

I suppose that’s a little like stepping in my own way, but it works. So far anyway…

Sometimes there is no moving or budging a thing so I determine if there is something I can DO. Or accept that there is NOT.

That’s how I Step Up.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

When I saw "Step Up" I immediately thought of when I have to take a stand and do the right thing even when it would be easier not to. Especially when it involves strangers or dangerous situations. Sometimes you can't help but step up. :)