Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 9 July 2013

Seems I’ve written on this prompt more than a few times yet each time I have come to it differently. And this one is no exception.

I actually enJOY BEing quiet. And BEing a quieter human bean. This is one of the great lessons I have learned living here, in the Wee Cottage. BEing quiet, whether by design or without really choosing to BE, I have learned to listen.

I listen to myself. I listen to God. I listen to Gracie. I listen to the Past. I listen for clues and ideas and inspiration. I listen to my own yearning and I listen long, deep, and well.

BEcoming quieter, little bit by slow bit, has changed me into someone I never imagined myself BEing. Now when I rush and push and hurry and overwhelm myself, I pretty much catch on to there BEing too much noise inside my birdbrain. And I quiet it down, or, as is sometimes the case, my body finds a way to hush all that bother.

BE quiet is a bit of a new brilliance. It never seemed to hold much in my esteem until recent years showed its possibilities. And, while I still can BE a chatterbox sometimes, I am also someone who is quiet. Who listens. Who hears.

And I like her. 

I love you, Currie


Karen Traversy said...

I also like to be quiet.

Rita said...

Quiet is challenging for me with my tinnitis, but for over a year now I do not get up and immediately put on the TV or music to help frown it out. Learning to live with this, too. And now it is "quiet" here until either lunch or dinner usually. I have learned to love it--even with the ringing in my ears. :)