Sunday, July 7, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 7 July 2013

I am 100% in favour of adventures. BIG, Tiny, Inside, or Out in the Wild World ones. BEyond imagining and simple and lovely ones that happen right here and Now close to wherever I call home.

I named the walk Gracie and I take each morning Morning Adventure BEcause for me, and I think for Gracie, too, it is like that. It may well BE the same old loop we have taken for days and months and years Now, yet always it is new and full of discoveries.

For my part, the adventuring I DO is largely in my head. It is a time where things seem to clarify and sort themselves into something which I can understand better. For Gracie it is all about sniffs and rollie-poles and puddles. And people she might lean into and fill with her special love potion.

When we return to the Wee Cottage afterwards, it feels magnificent to have been out there in the little spot of World we call Home For Now. To have seen what we’ve seen and been where we’ve been. It is, as well, Enough.

Adventure is an essential food group I BElieve. It doesn’t require anything more than the desire to make the daily and ordinary things we DO a little bit more infused with it. 

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Adventure is a state of mind. True. True. :)