Saturday, July 20, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 20 July 2013

I don’t want this to sound too tooting of my own horn, BEcause it’s NOT meant to BE tooting it at all, but lately I have really quite amazed myself with my capacity to DO things I never really imagined within my grasp.

It’s really fun to discover that I CAN DO something I perhaps considered or wanted to DO at some point or at several points in the past. And what is even more deLIGHTfull than all that is to find out how enJOYable that DOing actually can BE.

I’ve never been the greatest fan of following directions. I’ve cursed them more than utilised them, truth BE told. And yet I recall another time, when I had some furniture from IKEA that I needed to put together to enJOY, and I did it, All By Myself, and was glad. [the directions were actually very simple and large enough to read]

The last couple of days I followed directions again and created this nifty little “zine” called Collaging & Digital Fiddling Giraffes for an upcoming MMSA swap. I was initially bamboozled by it, but there was even a wee video tutorial, and once I’d sorted out the potentially bamboozling, it was smooth sailing!!

Amazing myself this way is delicious. I’m going to keep this ball rolling, rolling, rolling… 

I love you, Currie


Zena said...

I can relate to that feeling... it´s fantastic, isn´t it?

Rita said...

Yes! Things I am amazed at myself with are often things other people wouldn't give a second thought--LOL! We each have our own private hurdles. ;)