Friday, July 5, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 5 July 2013

This isn’t something that those who play sports need follow, yet even there I think the case can BE made that to play one’s very best each and every time out is enough…

For me, however, don’t compete is a rock-solid rule. A dealbreaker. Sometimes even a mantra. It is so seductive, competing, it works a lot like breathing, yet I choose NOT to DO it. And, whenever I catch myself competing I S.T.O.P. just as soon as possible.

I suppose I learned this lesson early enough in my Life that it really doesn’t “argue with me” too much. I rarely want to make a case for it, and I find it innately repugnant. Still…

Competition appears. I used to find it BEhind the wheel when I was driving, or so it seemed. Someone BEhind me or BEside me needed to BE ahead of me or where I was, and it was exhausting. This is, I think, why I so enJOY walking Now. Competing simply isn’t part of it at all.

The thing about competing is someone wins and someone else loses and it can [and does] bring out the least lovely things in us human DOings, as well other forms of Life.

Somehow Better and Best are valued more than Enough and Good, even Amazing and Wonderful.

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

This is a pretty easy one for me. Nobody wanted to pick me for sports because I was accused of not having a competitive bone in my body. On the whole, I could care less about winning or losing. If I am competitive at all it is with myself--on my doing better, I think. :)