Thursday, July 25, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 25 July 2013

I think we’re all pretty much the same. At our center. When you strip away pretense and posturing. Like a friend said, NOT one of us was born walking. So mayBE this could translate to us BEing bridge builders rather than bridge burners?! I hope so.

When I think of building a bridge I imagine connection. It doesn’t have to BE especially high or wide or even all that strong. It merely needs to connect what ties us, what we have in common, how it is we’re bound to one another, by choice. By design.

I’m building a BEing A Better Listener And Slower To Talk Or Add My Two Cents Bridge. I’m envisioning a wide open mind that isn’t afraid to BE disagreed with or to disagree. It chooses to stay unlocked to make room for ideas and opinions, attitudes and BEliefs, or entirely other sets of conditions from my own.

Now that’s a bridge worthy of crossing.

I’ve NOT been a great bridge builder. I suppose that, by default, makes me a bridge burner, but I don’t really think I’ve been that  either. I think I’ve just decided, more in my heart than mind, that certain bridges are out for me Now.

It’s NOT a happy feeling, it simply is what I sense to BE so.

I love you, Currie


Ramble Ann said...

I think we have all been bridge burners at one time or another. We're all!

Rita said...

Save the good bridges. Burn the shaky, undependable ones. I used to try to save all the bridges, but found that some are just not worth saving, to be honest. You spend all your time making repairs and then they still collapse from under you when you need them. ;)