Monday, April 1, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 1 April 2013

BEginning where I am is quite possibly the only place I can ever BEgin. I don’t always BElieve this is true, yet it is.

Hard as I have tried [and I have tried so very hard, I promise you] there’s no key to unlock the door that turns back Time and lets me BEgin where I “should have” BEgun.

And even if that seems quite unfair, I realise we all have to face that squarely. None of us were born walking, nor with any magical ability to travel wherever in Time.

If I could travel through Time, backward or forward, I imagine I would spend far too much of that gift trying to decide where to go first, then next, and oh, wait a minute, mayBE I should have chosen that and NOT this…

When I get to that point, which for me takes only a blink, I realise the design that’s already in place is quite enough. I can stop knocking, trying to turn my key into the lock it does NOT fit, and wishing my Time away in folly.

So I BEgin where I am and simply go on from there. Each day like the last and, I imagine, rather like the next, should I BE granted another.

BEginning where I am is just like that…

I love you, Currie

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