Saturday, April 13, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 13 April 2013

When I stop BEfore words I am able to really think about the words I want to write. 

When I stop BEfore words when I speak it can BE an entirely different kettle of cranberries.

I don’t DO this enough and I always regret it. I am, at least, more aware.

And I listen more, to myself, BEcause I find it is the Very Best Way to discover what is at the heart of my talk talk talking.

Plus, I have that sort of time. 

To listen. 

To wait. 

To reconsider. 

To imagine how my words might BE heard, received, or understood.

NOT everyone GETS everyone else. This is what is BEing lost in the techno-gadgetry World.

Subtlety. Intent. Emphasis. Depth.

When I stop BEfore words I am better informed BEcause I am aware and conscious enough to STOP. 

Often, when I reflect on something I’ve expounded on and on and on about, only AFTER DO I sense the urgency in me that is willing to pour itself out on anyone who will listen.

When I stop BEfore words, though, I can reflect “in advance” and guide myself gently toward DOing the Right Thing and NOT running long off into the Land of Willy-Nilly Jabbering.

This is the gift of learning myself, for better and for NOT so…

I love you, Currie

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