Thursday, April 4, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 4 April 2013

What can I simplify today? I think this is a great question to ask myself first thing… and probably again, throughout the day.

Yesterday was a Very Difficult [for me] Day. The why and the rest are unimportant, though I easily slid into that place where I felt an overpowering need to explain myself and justify this, that, and the other.

We get better and sometimes, it seems we get worse.

Anyway, that is yesterday, Now. I am clear enough on NOT BEing able to change the Past, so I shall leave 3 April 2013 to powers far BEyond me and my own. This is how I practise Letting Go.

Today I am simplifying what I will think on, what I will try to DO, and what is really important. I will think on healing my head and neck. I will try to DO my daily writing challenge and make some Photo Art for Photo Art Friday. I have already Now done my Gratitude Practise [well, almost, but when YOU read this I will have completed it!!!] and BEgun my day. [a little later but as I normally DO]

Simplifying means DOing what I can and calling it good enough. There’s an idea whose time has come!!!

I will BE kinder to myself today.

That will certainly help.

I love you, Currie


Anke Martin said...

Oh Currie I hear you. Hugs and smiles to you, glad to read you found your 'groove' again.
Smiles, Anke :)

Maria said...

Really lovely blog! Thank you for your visit. :) I truly appreciate it. :)
I too will be kinder to my self. :D I never say I love you to my self. so here goes... I love me. :D Lovely blog. Thank you Currie for sharing such powerful words.