Monday, April 8, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 8 April 2013

What DO I Long To Say?!

It’s a question that occurs, pops up on my radar from time to time making me wonder if there is any good reason or is it just my tendency to complicate and overthink.

It seems I am often considering something I might call a Final Reckoning. That someday will come when all will BE weighed in the balance and I will have to answer for myself, defend, or simply surrender that yes, indeed, I am and have been far less than perfect. I have taken shortcuts and I have done what I did NOT want to DO.

Without apology. That is the thing. That I can almost see myself accepting that I fall short, often, and that I always have.

I long to say that I grew tired after a time of BEing unimportant to and NOT considered by those who were and ARE important and part of my every consideration.

I long to say I wasn’t so brave or bold, I was far from carefree, and the only “other resources” I have [or had] were myself and my trust in God.

I long to say the people who deleted me were never deleted by me.

I long to say Thank You!! What a difference you made in my Life and World…

I love you, Currie


Zena said...

Oh... this makes me think, I often think about this too...

Sleepshort said...

This is very stimulating. Thanks for stirring my thinking.