Sunday, April 21, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 21 April 2013

It’s the small things that are really the big things BEcause those little bits of Life are my very favourite.

The feel of clean sheets after a warm shower on a night when sleep is beckoning.

How quiet the morning is when most everything is still dark and asleep. Except for me, of course!!

The ticking of the clock whose sound I have come to love… the sound of Time measured and yet gone as soon as I count it.

How Gracie stands on the ottoman, BEhind me here, where I write, when she is thinking it’s time I focus on HER and breks.

It’s the small things that are really the big things BEcause such things, often unnoticed, are precisely and exactly what make Life so enchanting.

Little faces bringing me “mail” one afternoon. As I open the envelope they hold their breath and I discover cut-out people from magazines.

The tough and stuffy people who go all mushy and soft when Gracie turns her love on them.

All the paper paper paper PAPER I have held onto moved and made room for that is Now out and ready to BE recycled. The space of BEautimous emptiness it leaves BEhind.

Time to putter and make new choices, always keeping in mind that Less is what I prefer.

I love you, Currie

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