Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 24 April 2013

MayBE what I need is to just stop thinking so much about giving “things” and “stuff” a new Life and simply let them go. Goodness knows it’s easy enough. Goodwill is right across the highway. Taking it there it’s likely to find a new Life, and I don’t have to figure out the HOW…

MayBE what I need is to make times in my weeks for the phone calls I haven’t been making BEcause I’ve been forgetting, or mayBE it’s just NOT remembering. I know how that feels on my end, when someone doesn’t call and doesn’t call, and what’s more, I know how icky it feels when someone, that someone or another, reminds me that telephones work both ways.

MayBE what I need is to stop wasting my energy feeling regret about my failures to connect these past 5 weeks. MayBE what I need is to really grasp how long and winding the road I’m travelling, healing my no spring chicken brain from concussion.

MayBE what I need is to stop worrying that loving and caring about someone is somehow diminished if there is NOT direct connection, whether by and BEtween us on the phone or simply in my own thoughts.

There is such peace in taking time to really deeply think of someone without words…


I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

If you can't connect with someone by phone, text, email or in personal, there's always a personal handwritten note or a card to tell them you miss them and appreciate them. It sounds like you are being too hard on yourself. :) :)