Sunday, April 14, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 14 April 2013

Napping is absotively, posolutely The Very Best Way to rest and regroup. 

I say this as even a seldom napper. I prefer a nap without sleeping, one where the magic of quiet and calm are enough. 

Where eyes can close without sleeping.

And sometimes, Napping is essential.

When healing or recuperating. These are the times when a nap is exactly the perfectly right next thing. Any time. 

BEcause healing requires the devotion to rest that naps DO. 

Simple science!!

After a night of elusive sleep, a nap brings perspective and gives the body and the soul a leaping chance to embrace a deep night’s sleep, seemingly sooner than later. 

It takes the edginess of sleep deprivation and puts it in proportion.

Napping is what many people DO… without fanfare, explanation, and certainly without offering up anything resembling apology. 

YES!!! [I need to learn to DO napping like that!!]

Napping is Gracie’s favourite daytime activity. And amazingly it NEVER EVER interferes with her ability to sleep at night. 

It is a wonderful thing to watch her nap. 

The ones where she’s kind of still awake but resting her body. 

The ones where she tucks her nose into her paw-crick and goes deeper than deep.

That is usually the one she has midday. 

I love seeing her that deep asleep.

I love you, Currie

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