Monday, April 29, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 29 April 2013

I love that I canNOT DO some of the things I used to think I MUST DO.

None of us was born walking; Life is about learning and growing and changing from BEginning to End.

I love that I canNOT DO what others DO so amazingly wondrously well.

We all have our gifts and I wouldn’t trade mine for anyone else’s; NOT Now, NOT ever.

I love that I canNOT DO BEing a crankypants complainer and purveyor of negativity.

I used to BE default set there, for years and years; I’ve learned at last to Let Go in advance.

I love that I canNOT DO the sort of crazy-making nattering I once did.

I didn’t actually see that in myself, for so very long and then, somewhat suddenly, I did; that this was humbling would BE a gross understatement.

I love that I canNOT DO Point Counterpoint with any grace or skill whatsoever.

It was so long something I admired and wanted in my repertoire; Now I understand what BEing careful what I wish for REALLY means.

I love that I canNOT DO gossip anymore without feeling like there is barbed wire BEtween my teeth.

Even if I thought I was “above” or “BEyond” that, and I did, I wasn’t fooling anyone; well, mayBE I was fooling myself…

I love you, Currie


Anke Martin said...

I cannot live ways anymore I thought it is the way to happiness. So glad I found my redirection inside. Smiles to you, Currie :)))

Cynthia Powell said...

I am finding that as I get older, I am becoming more aware of my faults and trying to look at myself through different eyes, as others see me. "Aging gracefully" is a term I want to achieve, but it is a struggle when there are bad habits to overcome. The blame game can be a totally different subject, but taking responsibility for our own actions and words is the first step and you have said it gracefully in your post today. Thank you! :-D

Rita said...

I love that--barbed wire between my teeth!! Yes! And if something slips--even in private conversation to a close friend--it haunts me now.

I guess we can maybe think of this as the gifts of getting older...and wiser. The opportunity to live long enough to change in big ways. :)

Tracy said...

Isn't it wonderful when we can see how we've grown? When we become sensitive to how our words can affect others and start to hold our tongues on those things that don't need to be said; those words that won't build others up but will only tear them down.
A lovely post :)

lorik said...

Imagine never ever changing.... I think that getting a bit worse for a little while might be better than staying the same. I hope I can see my faults as you have and fix them (push them down a bit) like you have.
I like your positive words and attitude. And your art is sparkling today too:)