Saturday, April 27, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 27 April 2013

The really important thing is that my intentions are for the best.

When I have any other agenda, borne of selfishness, there’s little hope and even less motivation to proceed.

The really important thing is for me to BE pointed toward something, yet always to know that it is in the Journey where my treasures live.

When I focus on a goal or specific outcome it is like standing in the sunlight.

The really important thing is to know that each one of my days, whatever I think of them, good or bad or one of the many other things in BEtween, BEfore, and even BEyond good or bad, is a gift.

Possibilities are endless, yet the day itself is ALWAYS a gift.

The really important thing is when faced with a choice of getting mad, getting even, or getting on with Life, I choose to get on with Life.

The other two options always require too much unkindness and they are full and overflowing with reasons to regret.

The really important thing is how I BEgin a thing, how I step into its energetic flow.

When I DO this “right” I am always certain to find enJOYment even in defeat.

The really important thing is where my heart is.

This makes all the difference all the time...

I love you, Currie