Monday, April 15, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 15 April 2013

Meditation is many things. Some would disagree, but that is okay with me. 

I’ve come to learn that this is the human condition. To disagree. To agree. 

To feel you have discovered some Great Amazing Truth when you’ve really just spent enough time on the Planet to see a different perspective.

Meditation is NOT a skill to BE mastered. Some would also disagree with this. So BE it.

Meditation is, like writing or running or even playing the piano, a Practise [capital P] that fulfills the human need to practise. Something.

Meditation is also a funny word. It has 2 misspellings I seem to make constantly, mediCation and mediAtion.

Meditation is simply a thing but NOT a simple thing. Although here I may actually disagree with myself. Yet, that is wondrously okay with me!!

Meditation is how I quiet the noise in my Life, in my HEAD, for a little while. 

How I settle down the jumping beans vying for my undivided attention and somehow they comply and go take a walk. 

Some walk away. 

Some come back. 

Yet eventually, as I practise DOing MY own silly or NOT like anyone else’s version of meditation, those beans that were jumping and screeching at me eventually sit down and show themselves to me.

More clearly. Gently even. And quietly.

I love you, Currie

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Anke Martin said...

Yes Meditation can be many things....and it makes me smile everytime, life gives me the opportunity to enter this meditative state. Smiles to you, Currie :))))