Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 23 April 2013

In what way is my Life a train wreck?!

One way is BElieving I’ve Let Go the myriad ropes tying me to the “right track.”

I think Now I was assuming the unassumable. Life is a gift that unwraps itself a moment at a time. Perhaps the “ropes” I Let Go weren’t meant for me to hold onto…

And my mistaken thinking about STUFF. The things I’ve held onto, as though somehow I could go back and re-live something through them. Tucking away treasures, moments when I surely enJOYed myself, yet thought, if I hold onto this thing I will BE able to enJOY it again and again and again… Whenever I want to.

In fact, I think the whole of my “train wreck-ness” has been mistaking holding on with loving.

Or thinking that if I stay with this person or that one wants to stay with me, that means I am loveable and worthy of BEing above ground breathing in and out.

My Life isn’t about what I can accumulate, how many friends I have, the busy comings-and-goings of my days and nights… NOT even about who I love and who loves me.

Life is about moments LIVED fully, with my whole heart and a mind far too open to possibility to stick to some track forever…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

True! And it's about loving yourself. And Gracie, of course. ;)