Thursday, April 25, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 25 April 2013

MayBE I will Let Go of taking myself so seriously. Especially of taking my poeming at all seriously. I have so enJOYed this National Poetry Month, starting off with lines from some of my favourite poets’ poems.

MayBE I will Let Go of fencing myself into making art one way or another way, using this medium or the other. Especially when it seems I already HAVE DONE SO. My acknowledging it “out loud” here feels freeing.

MayBE I will Let Go of what I no longer use, want, or desire to have and see what happens when I just release it. Especially ideas about myself and who I “have to BE.” Simply BEcause that is what I called myself or what someone labelled me…

MayBE I will Let Go of my assumptions of other people. Especially those people I don’t really know what is up with. BEcause… assumptions have a way of stepping into wet cement and then even trying to move a baby step BEcomes rather impossible.

MayBE I will Let Go of resisting Change. Especially when I can easily point out how those Changes I resisted most have revealed themselves to BE gifts of unimaginable grace and good fortune. I really don’t know EVERYTHING and likely was all wrong about ever thinking I needed to anyway…

I love you, Currie

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Rita said...

Wonderful post!! :) :)
I don't think I could ever get locked into one type of art or craft or medium or style because I am always trying something new and I rotate through all the various mediums, techniques, and projects that I love. Maybe that's my way to making it easier for me to not be AS critical of myself (I do have that voice over my shoulder) when I am a dabbler and master of nothing--LOL! The more I let go, the more fun I have. :)