Saturday, April 6, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 6 April 2013

What Else Might BE True?!

This is an important question, one that needs asking and asking again, especially when I get lost in the weeds of BEing at the effect of circumstances.

The past two weeks and a few days I have pretty much forgotten about this question. Tossed it off, along with some other pretty solid principles with which I am living my Life these days and weeks and months and years…

For instance, I never EVER would have [COULD HAVE] imagined it might BE true that the attack was or is some sort of gift. And, while I still canNOT wrap my poor bruised brain round the possibility, I DO KNOW that it might BE true.

It is so easy to get locked onto my opinions. So simple to assume. To judge. To BE a victim.


It could also BE that I needed to shift my focus. Or, that I needed to realign myself a bit, BEgin to see things with a wider lens. Stop taking certain things for granted. I know I have learned this lesson BEfore, but aside from all the Very Obvious & Easily Seen Aspects of this situation, other things may BE true.

Even when I don’t know what for sure they might BE, it is enough to pause and ask…

I love you, Currie

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