Thursday, April 11, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 11 April 2013

What I think about tribes is that in some of the ways they are “good” they can also BE NOT good. NOT necessarily bad, just NOT good. Like when you [or I] are part of a “tribe” and you [or I] feel apart, different, unwelcome, or cast out.

I think that as the definitions for tribe are a “social division of people” or a “family” or a “group with something in common,” this necessarily sets up the “IN” and the “OUT” divisiveness.

Divisiveness is never a good thing, I don’t think, especially when I have been on the INside or the OUTside and could see the pain or feel the pain caused by BElonging or NOT.

I also think about tribes somewhat the same way I think about social networks. Like Facebook. Where you put up there only what you want people to see or know or think of you. Now I am NOT saying or advocating that people put MORE or DIFFERENT stuff up there, just that it works that way.

Which is largely why I deleted my Facebook account. And have never once looked back. I told myself for a long time what its benefits to me were, yet since deleting my account, I don’t miss or even see what I thought I loved or saw…

I love you, Currie

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Cynthia Powell said...

Living in a state that is predominately one religion, that I am not, I feel this Outside the group feeling everywhere I go. My granddaughter is experiencing it in school for the first time. She's 9. We can so relate to today's post. Some people wear blinders, some people are followers without question and some people try not to feel isolated by the others actions.