Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 28 February 2013

Awhile ago I wrote about Listening BEing part of and essential to the gift Sincerity. What I am aware of Today is that the gift of Listening is one that I can [and dare I say should] give to myself.

Often. With intention.

It is NOT all that different from the one I give to another, and yet it is wholly singular, too.

Sometimes I go through an entire day without really listening to myself. Without taking the time to pay attention and BE Present and just LISTEN.

It isn’t so odd, really, there is so much to distract me. BEsides, isn’t spending all that time giving myself the gift of Listening just selfish and self-serving?!

Strange, the questions I ask, and seem to answer without giving them a thought, really…

When I DO gift myself with Listening I discover myself in new and often wonderful [though nearly as often disturbing] ways. I find out what it is that is BEhind my Hopes, underneath my Desires, and wrapped tight inside my Questions.

I discern my BEliefs. I encounter my Values. And above and BEyond all that, I learn myself.

I am taught what I teach others about how to treat me.

And oh that is rich to mine in the midst of all the noise and Worldly commotion…

I love you, Currie

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