Friday, February 1, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 1 February 2013

Something about February… I canNOT explain what I love so much about this month. I suppose there are stranger things to ponder…

Last month my prompts were all 3-words and I enJOYed them. I seem to DO best with a “container” in the mornings. I never think too much about what to write. I just respond.

February’s prompts are one word in response to What Gift Shall I Bring?! And today’s gift is Acceptance.

I like Acceptance and I am immensely grateful for its many ways of BEing [and DOing its thing] in my Life. Acceptance has give me ways to make room for Life without apologising for taking up air in the room. It has given me the considerable strength to include facts about my Life, myself, and those people, places, and things in my World.

That is no small feat. I know. I used to NOT have Acceptance. And instead a well-worn path where I stomped and paced and fiddled and fussed to somehow CHANGE THE PAST. I used to think that Acceptance was weak. Looking the other way. Painting sunshine on piles of poop.

I was wrong about that, but that didn’t stop me BEing convinced BEyond a shadow of doubt.

Now I love my capacity to accept and to simply Let Life BE Life…

I love you, Currie

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