Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 2 February 2013

How great a gift it is to BE Present. For oneself. For another. Or perhaps to the whole of Life and its curiosities, flow, and yes, even its ebb…

Whenever I “look down at the pedals” and realise I’m REALLY & TRULY riding the “bicycle” that is My Life, I am so easily undone by the sheer majesty of such capability.

Long, oh so very long was I seduced into BElieving I had no choices, my options were past their use by date, and Life was something I must endure without complaint. Silly nonsense I considered inviolate.

No more. Now I am aware and awake and actively Present in my every moment. I no longer look to how to “pass” or “fill” or even “waste” my Time. I cherish it and utilise it with great love and respect.

Recently and for some time I have been Letting Go of more of what keeps me tethered and stuck, spinning my wheels and going nowhere I want to go. I have unplugged and Let Go and released. I have deactivated, unsubscribed, and deleted stuff I was saving for no other reason than I couldn’t imagine “wasting” it; surely I’d get round to using it sometime?!

BEing Present enough to myself to see the circular reasoning as nonsense. Such a gift…

I love you, Currie

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