Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 5 February 2013

It seems easy to give Encouragement to others. Some of them, NOT so much easy, still… mayBE preferable is the word I am looking for.

It is a gift, as in something that can BE given, but Encouragement isn’t the sort of gift you’ll find wrapped in shiny paper and big bows.

It is more likely a quiet thing. A look perhaps. A squeeze of the hand. MayBE two hands gently placed on the shoulders of the recipient. In Real Life or virtually.

I am encouraged by response. I have known this, but I haven’t wanted to say so. At least out loud Here!! I don’t want to sound needy or grasping. I don’t, if I am completely honest, want you to know this. Whatever would you think of me then?!

I had a meeting yesterday with my Ticket-to-Work job coach. I talked for nearly the whole hour. But I also listened to her when she gave me her gift of Encouragement. She said it only when she KNEW she had my full attention. She didn’t interrupt me, except once to clarify something I’d said too quickly.

Oh what a JOY to receive such Encouragement from one person’s listening and HEARING what I said. What I felt. What I BElieve about myself and my Life at this point.

I love you, Currie

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