Sunday, February 24, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 24 February 2013

I’ve been seeing through a new-to-me [or mayBE I am just Now really “aware” of it] filter. It’s grabbed hold my attention and focus. Having seen it, it is hard Now to NOT BE aware of it.

Oh, but I DO try…

This is a sort of pattern for me. Seeing what is Right There in front of my nose, though I’d swear it never EVER was there BEfore.

The Gratitude is in the Choice I have once I am seeing clearly. Once I have accepted that it really is My Choice HOW to hold whatever it is, I feel tremendous freedom.

And also trepidation.

Life is pretty much all like this though. After a time, once we’re grown and on our own in the World, the ability to choose our perspectives on things BEcomes simpler. Less weighed down by dictates, a desire to please, or simply our wish to go along without causing much of a ripple.

I’m rather surprised to learn how hesitant I am about stirring things up when they seem happily settled in some order and design. Yet there are times Now when I lose my cautious ways, step into a moment, and, well, mayBE the word is, SHINE.

Really though, I am only BEing. Only inhabiting my little footprint in my own way…

I love you, Currie

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Leovi said...

Yes, eventually got our own tastes and opinions, we gain more confidence when we know what we want.