Saturday, February 9, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 9 February 2013

Imagine you weren’t limited. By your human knowledge. Due to what you think and BElieve you are capable of imagining.

Just imagine that. For one tiny second…

Sometimes, this challenge utterly deLIGHTs me. It will have me bubbling over with excitement and BElieving in myself like that little engine that COULD.

Imagine what you would DO. What you COULD DO, if you had untold stores of IMAGINATION…

This is one of the games I play, one of the things I consider visualisation and, sometimes, even prayer to BE. I like the freedom it gives me. How it gets me to stop BEing so small and feeling puny and ineffective.

It is also an effective means of breaking through the backlog that is my thinkering. But… there is a catch. I have to Let Go of the safety, like a trapeze artist, and TRUST. [of course, I must practise this, too, so that I CAN DO IT when the time is upon me] That can BE the hardest part of all.

Letting Go, eh?! Odd, really. I’d have thought holding on took more gumption and courage. Following through and carrying on. Lasting. Making DO.

But, no. Imagination is much more about Letting Go of what I know [or think I know] and trusting what I canNOT “see” just “know.”

I love you, Currie

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