Monday, February 18, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 18 February 2013

Respect is a curious commodity to trade in. It is NOT always seen the same way by two people, nor DO we always understand its comings and goings within ourselves.
This is what I am thinking anyway…

Respect for different opinions, ways of living one’s Life, work that is meaningful to one that wouldn’t hold any meaning for another, and especially the thoughts of any human as their unique collection of BEliefs, Ideas, and Convictions, are often thoughtlessly dismissed BEtween one and another.

I think that for the large part of Life that was my childhood, as well into my early adulthood, I thought about Respect NOT as something shared with another but only what I gave or “performed” in my words and actions.

A lot older and with more insight to draw upon, when I was teaching the 1st to 4th grades, I made Respect one of the essential pieces of our first month together. I had grown to have strong feelings, the sort that seem to have BEcome my Convictions about Respect, and I wanted to give these little ones what I had.

I don’t know how [or if] that carried through for them, but I DO know how it changed ME.

Pretty much completely.

Most of all I came to understand the magic of Self-Respect.

I love you, Currie

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