Monday, February 4, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 4 February 2013

I am so blessed. I love my Life. I love that I can get up long BEfore the sun [and Little Miss Sunshine snoozing away on the chair-and-a-half BEhind me] to fiddle and write and write and fiddle…

Did I mention write?! How about fiddle?!

Ahhhhhhh… I am deLIGHTed by my Life.

And you know… that does NOT scare me one bit to say out loud. Even though I am clearly moving toward Change. [which, of course, we ALL are, every second, yet here I refer to a very specific Change I am seeing through the mists of Right Now]

It dawned on me this morning that February’s prompts are alphabetical and each word or phrase responds to What Shall I Bring?! I knew this already, yet for some reason it just tickles me to see how funny I can BE.

DO YOU ever wake up and want to get up but oh my it is just too early?! I did this morning, which was funny BEcause Saturday night I stayed up until 11!!! And slept through until 7 yesterday morning. I really love my wee hours pre-dawn.

Who’d’ve imagined, eh?! I have never liked alarms or snooze buttons, both too jarring, but I am like a kid on Christmas Morning Who. Just. Can’t. wait. One. More. Second.

I love you, Currie


Carol L McKenna said...

Lovely creation and of course love the dog photo ~ and you sound like you 'control your time' and that is exciting!

Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

Kim Caine said...

and Thank you!