Thursday, February 7, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 7 February 2013

Like getting enough sleep
And eating what’s good for me
I am generous with making mistakes
Oddly, this makes me grateful…

I’ve gone back to my “old way” this morning. First, I slept late [or mayBE just long] and so I came to writing feeling rushed and hurried when actually, I have nowhere I need to hurry to and nothing to get done…

I don’t feel I have the Time Now for digital fiddling and poeming inside my art. So I am “falling back on” the way I have done things for so long Now. And it’s got me feeling I’ve put my underwear on backwards!!

This heart is one of 10 heart paintings I’ve made recently. I had such fun making them and then choosing a little word-bit for each one. I wish I could send them out to you. [what I REALLY wish is that I could give them to you along with a hug]

I feel odd today. Off-balance. Unsure. Full of doubt.

I feel I am a round peg in a World of square holes. I can smoosh myself in and make DO, yet I feel certain that I must “fit” somewhere. Can I really have been made wrong?! The words, This Too Shall Pass, are flying through my brain yet I feel uncertain…

I love you, Currie 

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