Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Currie's Gratitude 11 February 2014

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.   [Marcus Aurelius]
It’s funny, but too often I think I am right. Or, put another way, YOU are wrong. Actually, it’s nothing but perspective. And perspective is one of the great gifts of BEing human.

Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.   [Truman Capote]

I like this idea very much. How once you are aware of the rules or what Capote called “laws of perspective,” then you can rearrange and recreate, or, actually CREATE.

I think I stopped myself for a long time BEcause I holding fast to certain “laws” that were really, well, really excuses more than anything…

It is essential to employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability, and judgment are radically different from yours. It is also rare, for it requires uncommon humility, tolerance, and wisdom.   [Dee Hock]

I was writing earlier about some recent learning about stages and levels and people and differences, all of them dancing round and round the dance floor called Life Right Now, and I was suddenly aware of how BEautimous it all CAN BE.

I love you, Currie

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